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Why choose us:

1.Our service:

Our company has experienced technical team, stable quality, perfect service and modern enterprise management mode to help the enterprise to make quick and thoughtful response to the market competition and customer demand.

2.Quality Control:

Strict selection of raw materials: Our company uses imported acicular coke from Conocophillips66 and Mitsubishi Chemical for UHP/HP graphite electrode production raw material, domestic high quality low sulfur petroleum coke for RP/HP graphite electrode production raw material, high quality modified asphalt as impregnation and adhesive raw material.

Quality Control

3.Package and transportation:

The graphite electrode is packed in wooden frame, the joint is packed in wooden box, or in accordance with the customer's request, the graphite electrode and joint are connected, lined with waterproof and dustproof plastic sheeting, the external steel belt is fastened, beautiful and firm, suitable for land transportation, railway and sea transportation.

Package and transportation

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