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Detailed Description Of UHP Graphite Electrodes Production Process

Released on Jan. 03, 2019

First, raw materials

The raw material for the production of UHP Graphite Electrodes is made of high quality calcined needle coke.

Second, medium crushing and screening

The needle coke is crushed in the mechanical equipment and sieved and then proportioned according to the formulation requirements.

Third, mixing

The raw material after the compounding is mixed with a certain proportion of the pitch to be heated and kneaded to prepare a paste having plasticity.

Fourth, the pressure type

In High Temperature Graphite Electrode Manufacturer, the kneaded paste is cooled to the process temperature and pressed into the press to be pressed and formed according to the specifications of the product.

Five, roasting

In the baking furnace, the "green embryo" electrode is baked to a specified temperature according to the process requirements, and the baked product is impregnated with a special impregnation asphalt according to a specific process to increase the density and mechanical strength of the product, and then the baked product is repeatedly fired. To improve product performance.

Sixth, graphitization

The second calcined product was heated in a graphitized electric resistance furnace to a temperature of 3000 ° C to rearrange the carbon atom structure into a specific crystal form, and the carbon was converted into graphite.

UHP Graphite Electrodes

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