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RP Graphite Electrode Instructions For Graphite Electrode Factory

Released on Jan. 09, 2019

Electricity has become an indispensable thing in daily production and life. The RP Graphite Electrode from which it is extracted is not very strange. As its name suggests, his main component is graphite. In nature, graphite can be said to be very common. After our long-term research and operation, the understanding and application of graphene can be said to be multiplied. It has been found that graphene is very strong and is one of the best conductive materials available today. In addition, scientists have found that he can replace the silicon supercomputer industry with the future. Today we will briefly understand the instructions for using HP Graphite Electrodes for Arc Furnaces:

1. First, we need to wipe the protective cap on the hole to check the integrity of the electrode thread.

2. On the premise of determining the integrity, the next step is to clean the internal thread of the hole and the surface of the spare graphite electrode.

3. Insert the connector into the electrode hole and the electrode spreader to the other end.

4. Drop the electrode. Be careful not to let the electrode collide with other fixtures.

5. Hang the spare electrode above the electrode to be connected. When the end faces of the two electrodes are 10-20mm apart, clean the two end faces of the electrode and the exposed part of the joint with compressed air again. Be lighter to avoid the thread of the electrode hole and the joint. damage.

6. Just tighten the spare electrode.

It should be noted here that if the graphite electrode is found to be damp, it should be dried.

RP Graphite Electrode

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