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Maintenance Method Of Oxidation Resistance Graphite Electrode

Released on Nov. 21, 2018

1. For the life expectancy to be replaced, in principle, Oxidation Resistance Graphite Electrode needs to be replaced (or let the experienced person identify it and decide whether to continue using it). For those who have not changed their life and are temporarily unused, seal them in a plastic bag, put them in a carton, and indicate the furnace number, number of furnaces, reason for replacement, source, date, and keep them in a safe place.

2. For partial damage (such as three flaps and one flap) and not reaching the end of life, it can be used or replaced (for the new three-valve 只有 with only a few furnaces, it is decided by the workshop supervisor to decide whether to use it or not. I can make up a set of pieces and use it for storage, but it can be stored for temporary use.) It is recommended to use on a purified furnace when re-use of the sealed storage.

3. in HP Graphite Electrode Manufacturer, clean the thermal field oxides every time the furnace is dismantled, and clean the silicon infiltrated on the graphite parts. The diversion tube and the thermal insulation cover should be carefully cleaned to avoid accidents caused by foreign matter contamination. Take the graphite parts, in addition to pay attention to personal safety, also be careful to pay attention, pay attention to the safety of graphite parts.

4. Strictly follow the operating procedures to heat up, chemicalize, remelt, shut down the furnace, etc., to protect the graphite parts. After each furnace is dismantled, carefully clean the graphite fittings, carefully check the condition of the seed crystal and each graphite thermal field fitting, and make a detailed record.

Oxidation Resistance Graphite Electrode

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