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Advantages Of High Power Graphite Electrodes

Released on Apr. 04, 2019

High Power Graphite Electrodes materials have the following advantages:

1, the cost is low. Due to the rising price of copper in recent years, the price of isotropic graphite is lower than that of copper in all aspects. The universality of carbon in the same volume, the price of graphite products is 30% lower than that of copper. To sixty, the price is relatively stable, and the short-term price fluctuation is relatively small;

2, the fast graphite discharge is 2-3 times faster than copper, the material is not easily deformed, and the advantage in the processing of the thin rib electrode is obvious, and the softening point of copper is About 1000 degrees, it is easy to be deformed by heat, and the sublimation temperature of graphite is about 3650 degrees. In comparison, the thermal expansion coefficient of graphite material is only 1/30 of that of copper;

3, the loss is small Because the spark oil contains C atoms, in the electrical discharge process, the high temperature causes the C atom in the spark oil to be decomposed, and a protective film is formed on the surface of the graphite electrode to compensate the loss of the graphite electrode;

4, the burr-free copper Graphite Electrode needs to be manually removed after the processing, and there is no burr after the graphite processing, which not only saves a lot of cost and manpower, but also makes it easier to realize automatic production;

5. Easy to polish Because the cutting resistance of graphite is only 1/5 of that of copper, it is easier to manually grind and polish it.

6. The density of light weight graphite is only 1/5 of that of copper. When large-scale electrodes are subjected to electrical discharge machining, the burden on the machine tool (EDM) can be effectively reduced, and it is more suitable for the application of large molds.

High Power Graphite Electrodes

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