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Purpose And Characteristics Of Mechanical Processing Of High Power Graphite Electrodes

Released on Apr. 16, 2019

Various High Power Graphite Electrodes already have a certain size and shape after molding, but after molding of raw products after baking and graphitization and a certain degree of deformation or bending, clash or Angle, surface from some filler or insulation. Material and appear rough, not after a certain method of machining also cannot use.

For example, the electrode used in the electric furnace smelting needs to be made at both ends of the product for continuous use when the joint thread hole, and special processing of the joint with two electrodes with thread; Some products according to the requirements of the drawings processed into special shapes and specifications, and to achieve the required surface finish. Therefore, different types of products have different machining requirements.

1. The electrode processing for Antioxidant Graphite Electrode furnace smelting includes product surface turning (also known as "drawing"), elimination of slight bending - deformation, surface contact damage and other defects, both ends are cut flat and boring according to the specified size and thread processing in the hole, in addition to processing the joint with specially produced joint blank.

2. Graphitized anodes used in salt electrolysis industry have round rods, square or rectangular rods or plates, which must be processed. The round rod shall be "stretched" on the lathe and cut off in accordance with the specified length. Square and rectangular anodes shall be planed in all directions before use. However, at present, most of the planing for the anodes shall be done by the factory itself.

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