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What Are The Characteristics Of Graphite Electrode Materials?

Released on Jul. 08, 2019

Graphite Electrode materials produced by graphite electrode manufacturers mainly have the following characteristics.

Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrode

First, the speed is fast;

The discharge speed of graphite is 2-3 times faster than that of copper. The data is not easy to be deformed. The advantage of processing on thin rib electrodes is significant. The softening point of copper is at 1000 degrees, and it is simply deformed by heat. The temperature of graphite is 3650 degrees. At the same time, the thermal expansion coefficient of the graphite material is as long as 1/30 of the copper material;

Second, light weight;

When the density of graphite is 1/5 of that of copper and the large-scale electrode is subjected to electrical discharge machining, it can be used as a burden reducer (EDM), and is more suitable for use in large molds;

Third, the loss is small;

Because the spark oil contains C atoms, the high temperature causes the C atoms in the spark oil to be decomposed during the electric discharge machining, and the protective film on the outer surface of the graphite electrode compensates for the loss of the graphite electrode;

Fourth, no burrs;

After the processing of the copper electrode, it is necessary to remove the burr by the craft, and the graphite electrode has no burrs after processing, which not only saves a lot of cost and manpower, but also completes the automated production together;

Fifth, easy to polish;

Because the cutting resistance of graphite is only 1/5 of that of copper, it is easier to operate and grind and polish.

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