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Do You Know The Processing Points Of Graphite Electrode?

Released on Aug. 08, 2019

Here is Precision Casting Graphite Mold Manufacturer talking about the processing points of graphite electrode.

Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrode

I. Type of Graphite Electrode

(1) Free surface forming electrode:

Features: It has a rounded adjustment surface, no sharp cavity and corners;

Tool selection: spherical milling cutter;

Disadvantages: Long processing path and time consuming.

(2) Prismatic electrode:

Features: It consists of prismatic geometric surface, no rounded corners, the simplest curved surface, cylindrical surface and acute angle edge;

Tool selection: flat bottom milling cutter, spherical milling cutter;

Disadvantages: The processing status of several special positions needs to be considered.

2. Tool geometry parameters:

The rake angle is preferably about 6°, and between 6 and 10° during finishing;

Back angle: should be less than 15°;

Leading angle: Independent of side edge wear, so the lead angle is less than 30°, and too large is not suitable for finishing.

3. Cutting parameter selection principle:

(1) Determine the number of teeth of the tool according to the given conditions of the machine tool, tool chuck, etc., to prevent tool vibration;

(2) Calculate the maximum allowable feed per tooth within the range of cutting tool strength, depth of cut and cutting width;

(3) According to the machine feed and machine feed acceleration characteristics, determine the maximum cutting speed at a constant feed per tooth;

(4) Finally, the stable maximum spindle speed is selected and adapted to the feed per tooth.

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