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It Is Too Early To See The Rebound In The Price Of Graphite Electrode

Released on Apr. 12, 2019

Personally, it is too early to see the rebound in the price of the Graphite Electrode market in the near future:

First, although the operating rate of electric furnace steel has increased compared with the beginning of the Spring Festival, it is still less than 50%. It is difficult to digest the graphite electrode inventory in the short term.

Second, at the same time as the rebar market supply increased at the beginning of 2019, the increase in downstream demand side was not obvious. The steel price was in a relatively high consolidation period, and the steel mill's profit was relatively low. It is difficult to support the rebound of Graphite Electrode Price in the near future.

Thirdly, the recent increase in the number of overseas inspections of graphite electrodes has been reflected in the single-inquiry, and there has not been a substantial increase in the volume of transactions in the export market.

Fourth, from the performance of the graphite electrode market in the future, despite the recent limited production of graphite electrodes in Hebei Province, it is difficult to see the current price of graphite electrodes in the market from the current high inventory of graphite electrodes and downstream demand. In the short term, it may buffer its downward speed and stabilize it under the influence of market sentiment. However, the current market conditions at home and abroad do not have a substantial rebound in the price of graphite electrodes.

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