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Factors Affecting The Mechanical Strength Of Antioxidant Graphite Electrode

Released on May. 11, 2019

The mechanical strength of Antioxidant Graphite Electrode is classified into three types: flexural strength, compressive strength and tensile strength. There are many factors affecting the strength of graphite, and the following are discussed in terms of process:

1 The greater the particle strength of the graphite material, the greater the strength of the graphite sheet product.

2 Generally speaking, the graphite plate adopts fine particle size, such as ball mill powder can improve the mechanical strength of the graphite plate.

3 Select high-temperature asphalt with higher softening point, which is stronger than the product obtained from medium-low temperature asphalt. When the amount of asphalt is moderate, the amount of asphalt should be moderate. Too much or too little will affect the strength of graphite.

4 raw materials calcined impervious, resulting in a decrease in the strength of the product

5 baking is not enough, it will also affect the mechanical strength

6The higher the degree of graphitization, the lower the strength of the graphite plate

7 impregnated graphite sheets are stronger than without impregnation

The strength of the 8 graphite plate increases with the increase of temperature, but when it exceeds 2400 degrees, the strength will decrease.

The strength of a graphite plate changes with increasing temperature and is caused by its crystal structure.

Antioxidant Graphite Electrode

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