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Method for Preparing Antioxidant Graphite Electrode

Released on May. 09, 2019

Preparation of Antioxidant Graphite Electrode by ordinary carbon production process

Porous carbon and porous graphite blocks can be produced by a common carbon production process, except that a pore-forming agent is added to the ingredients, and the pore-forming agent volatilizes or decomposes to form pores during firing and graphitization. Commonly used pore-forming agents are sodium chloride, sodium fluoride, sawdust, etc., and the addition amount of the pore-forming agent and the particle size of the pore-forming agent are controlled to roughly control the porosity and pore diameter of the porous carbon and the porous graphite.

Preparation of Graphite Electrode by chemical vapor deposition

A carbon filter plate (porous carbon) is prepared by a chemical vapor deposition process using a carbon felt as a substrate. The porous carbon plate obtained by the method has a tensile strength of 43 MPa, a compressive strength of 105 - 130 MPa, and a porosity of 20 to 30. %, mechanical strength ratio. The material produced by the pore forming method of the conventional carbon production process pore-forming agent is much larger. It can filter particles of > 5 pm and can be used below 5001. It is resistant to corrosion by strong acid and alkali and fluoride hot solution. For chemical separation of niobium in Ni-based superalloys.

Antioxidant Graphite Electrode

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