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Antioxidant Graphite Electrode Will Dominate The Future Graphite Electrode Market

Released on May. 15, 2019

At present, the excess of Antioxidant Graphite Electrode in the market is caused by the shrinking demand of downstream industries, rather than the sharp increase in supply. The full reduction of prices does not really stimulate demand. Excessive price competition will cause losses of most enterprises, which is not conducive to The healthy development of the graphite electrode industry. Therefore, the current graphite electrode industry should focus on eliminating backward production capacity and adjusting product structure.

The Graphite Electrode China industry is closely related to the steel industry, the scrap steel industry, the iron ore industry, etc. It is believed that in the near future, as the Chinese government pays more attention to environmental protection and energy regulation, the amount of scrap steel continues to increase, and ultra-high-power graphite electrodes will become an industry. Mainstream products.

The graphite industry has broad prospects for development. On the one hand, traditional batteries, refractory materials, machinery manufacturing, printing toner, pencil making and other industries have long-term needs. The emerging new energy vehicles, wind power, environmental management and other industries have great potential applications. On the other hand, the graphite industry Also depends on the development of high-performance graphite materials

Antioxidant Graphite Electrode

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